Godspeed You! GC10…

Here we have a car I am really, really liking! The Godspeed You! Nissan GC10 Skyline at the Sagamiko Skyline & Kyusha Meeting… I really need to move to Japan with my cars and get myself a house with a 20 car garage to fit all the cars I want to have in my collection!! Just look at those Watanabe Type-R’s… Such perfection in a wheel is hard to find… But man they do it for me!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Also, to see a sedan C10 in a livery that is normally associated with the Coupe is also really cool… And for it to also be rocking these flares is just as sweet!

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KP510 race car from Japan… <3

This car just looks great from this angle… Really love the works fender flares on it. I am looking for ones just like these for my Rally replica, so if anyone knows where to find them please get in touch with me!

All it needs are the headlight surrounds and the grill to be complete in my eyes…